Nationwide Freight Rating System

TL and LTL Freight Rates for all points in the 48 contiguous United States

Leonard's Guide Nationwide Freight Rating System provides LTL freight rates & TL freight rates for all points in the 48 contiguous United States. It can be used for quoting, billing, auditing, negotiating agreements, to find and profile carriers who service your origin/destination, and more. Available on CD-ROM or downloadable directly to your Windows PC.

Nationwide Freight Rating System
NFRS Screen Shot 1
Determine the total freight charge including discounts and surcharges!
  • Calculate Freight Rates
  • Audit Freight Bills
  • Determine Minimum Charges
  • View Entire Rate Bank
  • Zip Code / City Lookup
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Display the complete rate bank for all classes and minimum charges, class rates from 50 to 300, and weights to a max of 40,000 pounds. Apply single shipment charge, discounts or fuel surcharges for each shipment. This allows you to negotiate rates and services between carriers/shippers. Our system will automatically select the lowest rate for your shipments based on class and weight, which could save you thousands of dollars!

NFRS Screen Shot 3
The Find a Carrier pop-up window utility allows you to select a range of carriers providing service based on your origin or destination and view carrier profiles including detailed information on each company listed.

Leonard's Guide can customize this software to your specific marketing needs, complete with individual logos and company information, including phone numbers and address information. Contact Leonard's Guide for more information regarding this new and exciting marketing tool.

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For evaluation purposes only, this software will run in DEMO MODE until registered. Upon registration/purchase you will receive a code to unlock its full functionality. To download Leonard’s Guide Nationwide Freight Rating System to your Windows PC at no charge, click below.

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