Description of Your Products/Services
This text will appear in your Weblink listing and should include keywords and phrases that apply to your company. Well written and applicable text will increase the likelihood of your listing being viewed by prospects for your services. You are limited to 400 characters, so choose them wisely.

One strategy is to try to use keywords and phrases that a person might type into a search engine to find your company, products and/or services. In addition, always try to use complete sentences, as well as correct spelling and grammar.

Consider your individual goods or services:
Use descriptive keywords to clearly and accurately convey the products and/or services you provide. For example, if you're a refrigerated warehouse company, words such as "refrigerated warehouse", "temperature controlled" or "cold storage".

Take a general keyword and add a specific word to it:
If you can only think of very general keywords, start with a list of those keywords, and then add specific words to each one. For example, take the general keyword of "trucking" and add a specific word or two to it, based on your particular business. Your keyword phrases may be "flatbed trucking” or “temperature controlled LTL trucking”.

Consider regional keywords:
Does your business cater to a particular region? You may consider adding regional words/phrase such as the name of the city or state/province you provide services in.